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Rules of The Parliamentary Bar Mess

[As amended 26th February 2018]
1. Constitution of Parliamentary Bar Mess
The Parliamentary Bar Mess shall consist of those barristers who are members of the Mess on 26th February 2016 and of barristers elected thereafter in manner provided by these Rules.

2. Election of Members
A barrister desiring to become a member after 26th February 2016 must be proposed by a King’s Counsel and seconded by a Junior, being respectively, members of the Mess and must satisfy the Committee that he or she has appeared on one or more occasions on formal instructions before an opposed Bill Committee of the English Parliament.  The name of every proposed member must be communicated to every member of the Committee at least seven days before the meeting of the Committee at which he or she comes up for election.  Hereafter until further notice the Committee shall, in deciding whether a person has qualified under Rule 2, take into account that person’s established practice at the Bar, the guidelines of the Rules and all other relevant circumstances.
3. Honorary Members
A member who retires from practice at the Parliamentary Bar shall cease to be a member of the Mess, and shall be eligible for election as an honorary member in the manner provided by Rule 2.  An honorary member shall be entitled to attend the annual dinner in any year on payment of such sum as the Committee may from time to time determine.

4. Committee
There shall be a Parliamentary Bar Committee consisting of the Leader for the time being of the Parliamentary Bar, and not more than three King’s Counsel and three juniors.  Not more than two other members of the Mess may be co-opted to the Committee.  The members of the Committee shall be chosen annually by a General Meeting of the Mess.  A casual vacancy may be filled by the Committee. The quorum for a meeting shall be three.  The Committee shall consider any question with respect to Parliamentary business that may arise.
5. Leader
The Leader of the Parliamentary Bar shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Mess whenever a vacancy occurs.
6. Treasurer
There shall be a Treasurer of the Mess to be chosen annually by the Committee from one of its members to act as the executive officer of the Mess and of the Committee.
7. Subscriptions
Every member of the Mess shall pay to the Treasurer before the 10th February annually a subscription of such sum as the Committee may from time to time determine, which shall entitle him or her to a ticket for the annual dinner and shall cover all other expenses.  The Committee may terminate the membership of any member in arrear with his or her subscription.
8. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Mess and the annual dinner shall be held in the month of February or March or the nearest convenient date at such place and time as may be fixed by the Committee.
9. General Meeting
The Committee may call a General Meeting at any time, and shall do so on receipt of notice calling for such meeting signed by at least ten members of the Mess.
10. Notice
The Committee shall give at least fourteen days’ notice of any Meeting to every member of the Mess.
11. Web-site
There shall be a Parliamentary Bar Mess web-site that shall include a description of the Mess and of the general nature of the Parliamentary work undertaken by members.  The site shall list the members of the Mess and the address of their Chambers and other relevant information including the Mess Rules and a list of honorary members.
12. Alteration of the Rules
These Rules may be altered or added to by resolution of a General Meeting.  Notice of any proposed alteration or addition must be sent to the Treasurer at least fourteen days before the date fixed for the General Meeting.
13. Acceptance of Rules
Every member of the Mess shall be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Rules.

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