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Find a Barrister member of the PBM

On this page, you can find details of barristers who are current members of the PBM and the Chambers of which they are tenants.
The document, accessible using the link below, lists all individuals who are current members of the PBM. The website of the individual member’s Chambers should be visited for further details of the member’s past experience, specialist expertise, publications, other qualifications and judicial or other appointments.

For contact details, use the numbering index and the chambers details below.
The Leader, Richard Glover Q.C.Œ
Matthew Horton Q.C. “
William Hicks Q.C.
George Laurence Q.C.
Christopher Lockhart-Mummery Q.C. 
Timothy Comyn Œ
Alun Alesbury Ž
Phillip Petchey Œ
Andrew Tait Q.C. Œ
Craig Howell Williams Q.C. Œ
Neil Cameron Q.C. 
Guy Roots Q.C. Œ
Richard Drabble Q.C. 
Clive Newberry Q.C. ‘
Timothy Mould Q.C. 
Reuben Taylor Q.C.  
Graham Stoker Ž
Claire Staddon Œ
David Elvin Q.C. 
Gregory Jones Q.C. Œ
Douglas Edwards Q.C. Œ
Matthew Reed Q.C. 
Saira Kabir Sheikh Q.C. Œ
Timothy Straker Q.C. ’
Meyric Lewis Œ
Simon Bird Q.C. Œ
Jacqueline Lean 
Richard Turney 
Lisa Busch Q.C.Ž
James Strachan Q.C. “
John Jolliffe Œ
Richard Honey Œ
Michael Humphries Q.C. Œ
Celina Colquhoun ‘
Stephanie Hall  ”
Annabel Graham Paul Œ
Melissa Murphy Œ
Rebecca Clutten Œ
Hereward Phillpot Q.C. Œ
Isabella Tafur Œ
Charles Streeten Œ

February 2020
Francis Taylor Building
Temple, London EC4Y 7BY,
020 7353 8415
Landmark Chambers
180 Fleet Street, Holborn, London EC4A 2HG
020 7430 1221
Cornerstone Barristers
2-3 Grays Inn Square, Holborn, London WC1R 5JH
020 7242 4986
New Square Chambers
12 New Square, Holborn, London WC2A 1DD,
020 7832 1111
Maitland Chambers
7 Stone Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2A 3SZ,
020 7406 1200
No.5 Barristers Chambers
Greenwood House, 4-7 Salisbury Court, London EC4Y 8AA
020 7420 7500
4-5 Gray’s Inn Square
London WC1R 5AH
020 7404 5252
39 Essex Chambers
81 Chancery Lane, Holborn,
020 7832 1111
Kings Chambers
36 Young Street, Manchester M3 3FT
0161 832 9082
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